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What's in a logo?

Logos, used to identify and distinguish companies and organisations, are a must-have requirement for any viable business or organisation.

Good corporate identity designers like Northamptonshire based McKie Associates understand logos and branding. They possess the ability to create distinctive images that communicate the positive impressions businesses and organisations require in order to grow their brands.

Logos designed by us work effectively for you

Every logo we create is distinctive and reflects the arena of expertise of the client it has been created for. Below are just a few examples of the many logos we have created for a diverse range of companies. We believe the logos we create are distinctive, pleasing to the eye and reflect the activity and markets of our clients. Our logo designs work effectively at very large and very small sizes and across all media, be that digital or print.

UK based Call Centre

B2B & B2P communications view

Arboricultural Consultants

Arboriculture view

Heavy Plant Contractors

Building & Construction

Mobile Phone Provider

Telecommunications Industry


Wedding Photographer view

Illustrated cards

Printed Greetings Cards Publisher

Payments Industry

Payments Recruitment

Fork Lifts

Vehicle sales & hire

Events Industry

Marquee Hire view

Corporate Identity

Logo creation is just the first action in what should be an ongoing strategy of processes. Applying a brand in a singular way across all corporate material whilst retaining design effectiveness, can be demanding.

How a logo is applied is perhaps, nearly as important as the logo itself. Design processes have to be used in order to create effective marketing tools. These can include corporate stationery, signage, livery, website, exhibitions and other digital and printed material.

Facebook advertising example-McKie Associates' 'Sweet' advertisement

McKie Associates has been designing logos and providing corporate services in Northamptonshire and nationally, for over twenty years. Web and digital material accounts for the major part of all corporate work undertaken.

Promoting brands using social media

Using Social Media for marketing requires that ongoing, original content, is a ‘must-have’ in order to achieve and maintain results. Our Northamptonshire based company utilises social media in order to market websites (seo) and promote companies, products and services.

Skilled creators of Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram profiles, we also utilise other social media platforms to advertise and market. Content marketing relies on a consistent stream of original material and we are geared to do this.

Facebook advertising-Insight Northamptons' 'Counselling' advertisement

We consistently generate original copy and create unique, captivating imagery. McKie Associates manages the SM profiles for a diverse group of companies and actively promotes their services and products using Social Media.