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What is it, does it work and what's the cost?

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What is SEO?

75% of online searchers click on organic search results. "Organic search" is the term used for the un-paid-for search which consistes of about 80% of all search.

SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ is the art of using multiple techniques in order to achieve a continuos high ranking (first page placement) in the organic search results of Google and other search engines.

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Achieving high search engine ranking is the reason for using SEO - ranking can be retained organically even after an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign is over

Is SEO costly?

Our SEO services are extremely competitive and cost effective. We have marketed websites using SEO, here in Northampton for the last fourteen years years.

SEO is different to normal paid advertising and usually much cheaper. Continually paying the search engines for them to place your website in a high ranking position tends to work out more costly. This paying or by bidding for a high page ranking is termed 'Paid Inclusion'. Learn more about how SEO works in relation to 'Paid Inclusion'

Does SEO work?

The upside to using SEO is that once your site begins to start ranking highly it becomes stable. Stable in the sense, that unlike ‘Paid Inclusion’ it won’t disappear as soon as you stop paying for advertising with the search engines.

Allow to us analyse your website. We can optimise just the website content or embark on a full campaign that utilises social media and a wide range of tools and techniques.

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Organic vs paid

A major advantage to using SEO is that people searching tend to rate a high ranking website in organic search, above the same ranked or even higher ranked advertised website. This is because they perceive the organically listed website as having achieved its position more on merit than on advertising.

Compared to Paid Advertising our SEO services are both effective and extremely small in outlay compared to an advertising campaign.

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We get you found

McKie Associates’ SEO services - based in Northampton, we are expert at making websites 'search engine friendly'. We market websites using a wide variety of ‘White Hat’ methods, many of which utilise Social Media.
Our SEO strategies are ongoing and relentless. Our clients are furnished with an SEO assessment and regular SEO reports charting campaign progress.