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What is this page?

You have reached the page that gives you to access all of your course handouts by allowing you to download them straight to your own computer.

Access to course downloads is only available to those who are either enrolled on or have been on a course previously. Course information can be found by visiting Northamptonshire Adult Learning

How does it work?

Its so simple. Look to your right in the next column. Click on the required part or parts of the listed course material that you require. A secure form will appear in the browser window requiring that you enter a username and a password. These will have been emailed to you previously. Enter them to gain acces to a downloads page that allows you to click on and download the material you desire.

The courses

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Get Your website Found
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Using social Media for Business
Download all course material
Design & Create a website
Course material unavailable
Marketing a Business on a Shoestring
Course material unavailable