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1. Add a web form

Adding secure forms to your website helps combat all those spam emails and makes your website and working environment more secure.


Bespoke features for each form - configured to your requirements
Form utilises Google’s re-Captcha security
PHP script created and configured by our own developers
Form details can be sent to 1 or more email addresses of your choosing

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2. Add payments

Adding basic payments - simple secure subscription type payments. Suitable for making regular or one-off payments - linked to an online form.


Bespoke features for each form - configured to your requirements
Payment details sent to your emails
Payment confirmation sent to the customer
Payment taken from customer via Paypal secure system and paid into your account
Paypal receipt emailed to your customer

3. Add shopping

Add a comprehensive shopping cart with secure Paypal payments to your website


You will have full control and management of the store
Can be added to even the most basic website (you do not need a Wordpress website)
Unlimited products can be added
Stock management and other features included
Completely secure
Payments taken via Paypal security system and paid into your Paypal account

4. Add SEO

A comprehensive SEO overhaul helps many websites that currently cannot be found effectively. We optimise the search rankings of all websites.


We check meta tags and create or configure these
We optimise page descriptions
We advise and optimise on all page titles
We check and optimise image alt tags and image file titles
We check the robot text file and reconfigure or create one if missing
Check the XML site map - creating a new one if required
Ensure your site is registered with Google and Bing
Configure S Media - Facebook, Instagram etc.


What is SEO and does it work?

We understand that many people understand conventional advertising and marketing but not SEO. Visit our information page and learn about SEO before you decide whether its worthing doing.

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We can help you

We add functionality to even the most basic websites. For example, If you already have a website but it is not built on a Wordpress or any other recognised platform, don’t worry! We can still add functionality.

Most things are possible. Why not contact us and talk through your requirements?

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